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Keeping Your Teeth Clean

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Keeping your teeth clean is the foundation of good oral health. You’ve been brushing your teeth all your life, so you’re probably are pretty good at it—but it’s always advisable to periodically check in with ADA recommendations to ensure you are doing all you can to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Regular professional dental […]

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How to Eliminate Tooth Sensitivity

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If the thought of eating ice cream, drinking a cup of hot coffee, or even brushing your teeth makes you cringe, you may be suffering from mild to moderate tooth sensitivity. We see this common occurrence in patients of all ages at our Alexandria, MN, dental practice. Research has proven that one in eight people […]

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Clear Orthodontics for Teens and Adults

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Crooked teeth can be embarrassing, for teenagers and adults. Misaligned teeth may convey an image other than the one you want to portray. However, the thought of wearing metal braces for two years may seem even less appealing than putting up with crooked teeth. Traditional braces tend to be bulky, painful, annoying, and time consuming. […]

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family and dog sitting in the grass smiling Preserving Your Natural Teeth for Life

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When we meet people, whether new acquaintances or old friends, the first thing most of them will notice is our smile. Most people find it very important to make that initial impression a good one, and go to great lengths to make sure their smiles look the very best they can. This means daily brushing […]

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smiling young couple white background Selecting Your Cosmetic Dentist

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What do you do when you look in the mirror and realize that you do not like the smile you see in there? If the smile contains discolored, misaligned, damaged teeth, you need to see a cosmetic dentist. A cosmetic dentist focuses on the aesthetic qualities of your smile, helping you keep your grin as […]

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